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Investing in Crypto Should Not Be Rocket Science

The New Standard for Crypto Investing Apps – connecting Early Investors with experienced Fund Managers through Secured Collateral and Easy-to-Use Cryptocurrency Platform.

How does it work?

Set your money in motion in 3 clicks.

CryptoHelp believes in Radical Equality of Opportunity. It makes investment accessible to everyone even with a limited budget, little time, or no crypto experience.

Easily create a wallet with just your email and access a user-friendly dashboard to track your success.

How does it work?

Deposit Funds & Enter an Agreement

Choose your fund manager and negotiate suitable terms that will define your investment results, including:

Target return rate
Agreement duration
Collateral rate
Deposited collateral

Start your investment journey with the terms you feel comfortable with.

How does it work?

Reach your investment goals

Secured collateral allows investors to mitigate risks and reach their investment goals stress-free.

With the best Cryptocurrency market fund managers, Deterministic contracts, low Binance Smart Chain fees, and personalized agreement terms, you will effortlessly become a successful crypto investor and reach your first profits!


Collateral System Agreement

Collateral System

The unique Collateral System of CryptoHelp ensures peace of mind by allowing you to pick your preferable collateral rates & target return rates beforehand.

For example, with 75% collateral rate and 10% return, you will receive the target return rate even if the manager loses up to 65% of the funds.

Don't let the fear of losing all funds stop you from becoming a successful investor.

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12 Months+

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Worldwide Management Assets


Supported networks

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CryptoHelp has you covered.

Easy to Invest

Understand investment with our convenient dashboard without going into the depths of the industry.

Reduced Risk

Collateral System mitigates risks and makes investment secure Integration

Secure and easy way to start with a few clicks & email address.

token sale

Token Sale Is About To Start

Unique opportunity to purchase our coins at a great value for your money! Check our Deck, Expense & Time Report to find out why you can’t miss this chance if you want to skyrocket your crypto investments.

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Career in crypto

Looking For Opportunities As a Fund Manager?

With CryptoHelp everyone has the possibility to become a fund manager. Start building on your reputation and convince clients that they should invest their money with you now!

Multiple Integrations
Portfolio Reputation
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The New Crypto Help Standard Has Arrived.

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